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World Quiz

World Quiz

Only 2% of participants successfully answered all questions about general knowledge correctly. Are you one of them?

Let’s Start!

How was your test result? Don’t worry if the results are not satisfying. You can read and learn a lot from links try again and keep fighting!

Did you know that World Quizzing Championship is held every year to test the ability of smart people from all corners of the world in the global arena. The event was held simultaneously in 38 countries to search for champions from the world general knowledge test.

Since 2003 this competition has been held every year in many countries simultaneously. Quiz experts around the world joined in to form a team of questions makers and produce 1.500 questions.

Of the many questions that have been made, only 200 were selected that were used in the World Quizzing Championship match. These general knowledge questions were made very difficult, and the manufacturing process also took 9 months.

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Good Luck.